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Choosing right colours for your master bedroom

Bedrooms are way of ending our tired and hectic day into a relaxed night. Especially master bedrooms with their feel of cosiness and comfort we want to set aside our tensions and just be still with our mind. We sometimes meditate, read a book, or do some stress-free activity there.

It would be an icing on the cake if we get our favourite colours or colours which satisfy and make our moods calm to be in our master bedroom.


Let’s see which colours would suit our energy and set our moods as soon as we enter our master bedroom.


Colour Red:

Red is colour of fire, energy, vitality, competitiveness. If you are a person who is always on the go and is full of energy and loves adventures, sports have fiery element in them. You can go with colour red because it will always motivate you to reach your goal and keep moving forward towards it.


Colour Blue:

Blue is cool colour and a serene one. It will suit someone who is into meditation and takes life’s challenges one by one. For creative people blue is the colour of trust and integrity. So it is used in most of the brands logo. If you are the kind of person who needs trust and security with you go for this colour in your bedroom.


Colour Black:

Black is a monochrome colour. I would say it would not be advisable to paint full bedroom walls into black but can be painted into black and white creating a monochrome view. Like one wall with black and rest with white. As this will make your room look bigger.


Colour Orange:

This is a fun colour. For people who are fun loving, cool and always have some juiciness in them. Who always are very positive and optimistic. Who do not want to feel negative anywhere around them. I would say orange will be there colour as it will raise there vibrations.


Colour Yellow:

This colour truly is a master colour. People who always feel low in energy should go for yellow in their mast beds. It will not only give them a feel of energy but will also help in raising consciousness as this colour is very good for doing meditation. You can either paint full room or can paint one wall with yellow and rest with whits to make it look bigger and vibrant.


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