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Colours are very important for the psycology and when it come about children they are extremely useful because children are very active full of energy and growing up. Colours do differ from age to age of your child but we will talk today about them in general .


Here are some list of colours and their effects on your child’s mood.



Red is energetic and increases blood pressure. This colour can be useful for the child who always struggles with low energy levels and is not interested in physical activities like sports and playing out.

But it will not do very well with children having higher energy level as it can make them more aggressive. But you can always use some essence of this colour depending on your child’s behaviour.



Blue is very calming colour. It soothes down emotiosna and is near to nature’s colour as sky is blue we say it,eventhough it’s a reflection. If your child is aggressive or does not stays well you can use this colour more to help your child.



Like Red, Colour Yellow also gives energy but not in an aggressive way. It is a bright colour and can increase the confidence level in your child. Sometimes it can create insomnia among children if they are not a good sleeper.



It is a perfect colour of mother nature and every child would feel comfortable while being surrounded by it. You can use this colour without any hesitation and fully.



Pink is girl’s colour as everyone says but that’s not true. Its just a soothing colour which has a calming effect on mind like blue and can work very well. But try not to use it often as it can make your child feel lazy.

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