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How to paint small rooms


Whether you live in an apartment of have a small house or a small study room or bedroom in your big house. You might be always worrying about making it look seem big. We all love big and comfortable spaces to make us feel more welcome and awestrucking.

I have a list of ideas through which you can paint your small room and can get a feel of a large room. So lets get started.


Painting your Focal wall/Texture wall/ accent wall:


Many homes have this type of wall. It makes it appear as odd man out. Or sometimes even though everything is beautiful it doesn’t match with other walls of the room. And to make your room look bigger you need to have some synchronicity. That can be achieved if you can paint your texture wall into a dark colour. Which would create an illusion of a big room. Or you can also paint your texture wall into same colour as that of your room.


Painting wall furniture:


If you have wall hanging furniture or furniture in support of a wall. Colour that furniture with the wall’s colour. Which will make the room appear larger.


Let the sunlight come in:


If you have a window in your small room and if it fetches sunlight, then you should allow sunlight come in as it will pass an illusion that the room is big and will make the room look more energised and positive.


Use light colour shades:


You can paint your house’s wall into light colour and make it appear spacious. And can use bed linen or sofa cover of that room that of light colour of same colour as that of wall.


Painting wall ceiling:


If your wall ceiling is painted in dark colour you should paint it in light colour or of that same colour as that of wall but only light and pastel shades.


Paint your wall with that colour of your floor:

If you do this it will at once make an illusion that your room is bigger because eyes will move directly towards ceiling in that case you will not see the walls or the floor but ceiling of your room and will make it appear big.


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