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When it comes to the construction industry and the trades involved, from builders to painters, the environment is unfortunately often forgotten. However, choosing trades who are environmentally conscious, have eco friendly practices and use materials which are environmentally friendly, is easier than you think. At AAG Constructions we have a passion for eco friendly practices and we ensure that the trades we use are also mindful of the impact our industry has on our environment. It is important to acknowledge that the materials we use have a direct impact on greenhouse gas emissions; which is not a reason to avoid renovating or building, but a reason to talk to your tradespeople about ensuring sustainable materials and techniques are used.

Check out our top 10 tips on how to make your renovation greener, and why we always choose Halifax for all of our painting requirements. 

Top Tip 1: Choose the right team

Choosing the right team for your renovation is essential. You want to make sure that your project manager is environmentally conscious and that he has trades that he can recommend who are also mindful of the impact that the industry has on the environment. At AAG Constructions we will always try to recommend companies like Halifax who are conscious of eco-friendly practices but also ensure a high quality finish for a reasonable price.  

Top Tip 2: Lighting

Think outside the box when it comes to lighting your space and explore opportunities to use natural light where possible. We usually recommend clients consult either a designer or better still an architect who can help you to think about the aspect/orientation of your home and the potential for skylights. This not only reduces your energy bill (for both lighting and heating) but can also become a beautiful feature in your home. We recommend using LED lighting which tends to be more environmentally friendly.

Top Tip 3: Purchase quality

While there is always the appeal to save money where you can, skimping on doors and windows is not the place to buy cheap. Many cheaper doors will not have quality seals, which means that a considerable amount of air conditioning can be lost through these small seams – even if they are not visible to the eye. This results in heating and cooling systems working on overdrive to keep your space a desired temperature. 

Top Tip 4: Choose the right appliances

This one is pretty straight forward now, thanks to energy rating stars which are visible on almost all appliances (in particular washing machines and dishwashers); we recommend that you try to stick to appliances which have a 3-5star rating. We even recommend considering fixtures on taps and showers to reduce water pressure, or installing dual flush toilets (flushing liquid waste uses only 50% of water); it all adds up.

Top Tip 5: Recycle

While we all know the benefits of recycling, did you know that you can also use recycled materials to build your home!? This not only saves the environment but it can give you a unique finish and save you significantly in cost. To give you an idea of how you can include recycled materials in your home, you can use recycled timber for flooring, recycled brick for walls and many companies now even promote recycled materials which you can buy off the shelf (you would never know the difference); such as carpet made from recycled bottles! If you have a creative team they might even be able to explore things like reflective roof tiles (or paint) which can aid in cooling your building – the possibilities are endless!

Top Tip 6: Support local business

Supporting your local community by sourcing local products and using local trade will bypass large manufacturers who usually import a lot of their goods from overseas. You can also source furniture and homewares locally too; and remember, when you purchase from a small company – an actual person does a happy dance!

Top Tip 7: Go Solar!

We LOVE solar! Check out blog on 8 reasons to go solar if you need any convincing! 

Top Tip 8: Collect Rainwater

A water tank is a great way of collecting and recycling rainwater which can be used for gardening, laundry and toilet flushing. If you are worried about where you might put a rainwater tank – you can even install it underground!

Top Tip 9: Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great alternative to air conditioning, particularly when it’s not too hot and can even work in conjunction with air conditioning to make it more efficient. We have seen some beautiful fans installed in some clients homes recently which have even become a primary feature for a space.

Top Tip 10: Plant trees 

Planting trees around your home can not only create shade and privacy, but also gives a little back to the environment. 

Find tradespeople who are willing to explore sustainable products and designs and have an open mind to environmentally sustainable building.

Why we at AAG Constructions choose Halifax

AAG Constructions is an elite building company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We have worked on several projects with Halifax and are often asked to recommend a painter; we always choose Halifax who go above and beyond for their clients. Halifax’s attention to detail, professionalism and approachable demeanor are second to none and we cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Feel free to contact us at https://halifaxbuilding.com.au

Feel free to contact at https://aagconstructions.com.au


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