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Painting bedroom according to age group:


Perplexed while choosing colours for your child. Come on lets get ready to take on with your next task without being stressed out. We are sure your child would love your choice.


Colouring with Blue:


Yes blue is universal favourite colour. Wait but I was told girls like pink boys love blue. No..no don’t be worried because blue has heaps of shades to choose for a girl and a boy. Most probably electric blue ,bright blue and sky blue is liked by girls most and boys can settle with pastel and dark blues.

Well you can also paint your walls with pastel pink and blue or bright pink and bright blue on opposite sides or doors in blue and walls in pink and vice versa. which would go very well with your both children living in same room.




Choosing bright shades:


Children are very energetic especially teens . Painting their rooms wall with bright yellow, orange,green, blue will enhance their moods and will give a pop to their rooms


Colouring with pastel or light shades:


If you have an infant or a child with age group between 0 to 3 you can choose to paint the wall by using pastel shades of any colour except black and while. Even though they are universal colours but using  monochrome effect is just not perfect for a child’s room.


If you have any queries regarding the colour choices for your children do not hesitate to contact us.We at Halifax are always eager to solve your painting problems.


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