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Painting walls of your rooms


Painting for your room can be quite confusing with a colour palette (which has lots of colours to choose from). Lets make this task easy and choose the best colours suitable to your home.


Make your room look bigger:

Choose colours which are light or pastel. Because painting with dark colours can make your room look smaller.But painting in light and neutral or pastel shades can make it look big.

You can also paint the opposite walls of your room in different colour shades to make it look wide.


Paint according to your flooring:

Yes you are right ! Flooring plays an vital role in colouring your walls . If flooring is dark coloured you can use contrast for your walls by choosing neutral or pastel shades. Or you can paint in the shade of dark colour for monochrome feel.

If your flooring is light you can use bright shades which will go perfect with your room’s wall. And will make your room more big and funky look.


Colours paint according to ceiling:


You can choose lighter shades for wall ceilings to make your room more brighter if you have lack of sunlight in your place. Also lighter ceiling will work better for that reason at night for lights.

And if your have ample amount of sunlight according your house structure then you should probably go with bright or dark shade to get bit relaxing mode during summers.



If you would want to know more about colour schemes and colours our experts at Halifax are ready to help you with.

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1 comment on “Painting walls of your rooms

  1. Halifax painting recently painted our walls and wood work. They did a beautiful job, were very professional, efficient and friendly. The house was left clean without paint stains on our woodwork. I can recommend them for any painting job that needs to be done.
    Yours faithfully
    Brenton White

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