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When it comes to the construction industry and the trades involved, from builders to painters, the environment is unfortunately often forgotten. However, choosing trades who are environmentally conscious, have eco friendly practices and use materials which are environmentally friendly, is easier than you think. At AAG Constructions we have a passion for eco friendly practices

Choosing right colours for your master bedroom Bedrooms are way of ending our tired and hectic day into a relaxed night. Especially master bedrooms with their feel of cosiness and comfort we want to set aside our tensions and just be still with our mind. We sometimes meditate, read a book, or do some stress-free

How to paint small rooms   Whether you live in an apartment of have a small house or a small study room or bedroom in your big house. You might be always worrying about making it look seem big. We all love big and comfortable spaces to make us feel more welcome and awestrucking. I

If you want to keep up the value of your home you should make sure to paint it regularly depending on its wear tear interior and exterior. If you are trying to sell your house or are trying to protect the exterior of your home you should use good quality paint and get the paint

  Colours are very important for the psycology and when it come about children they are extremely useful because children are very active full of energy and growing up. Colours do differ from age to age of your child but we will talk today about them in general .   Here are some list of

Painting your kitchen:   Painting your kitchen right can make it more refreshing look. Lets have a look at some tips:   Using Monochromes:   You can paint your kitchen for a monochrome look to make it look more subtle and elegant. You can use shades of black and white which will go very well

Painting bedroom according to age group:   Perplexed while choosing colours for your child. Come on lets get ready to take on with your next task without being stressed out. We are sure your child would love your choice.   Colouring with Blue:   Yes blue is universal favourite colour. Wait but I was told

Painting walls of your rooms   Painting for your room can be quite confusing with a colour palette (which has lots of colours to choose from). Lets make this task easy and choose the best colours suitable to your home.   Make your room look bigger: Choose colours which are light or pastel. Because painting

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